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K'iino Cozumel

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K'iino looks to be a role model of living in balance with their environment

Cozumel Country club north end presents together with CEO Real Estate this beautiful project.

Get ready to make it yours! Completed by July 2024. Pre sale prices now available.

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Magic is pulsing in the heart of HOLBOX (RIVIERA MAYA).

Home is where the sun is born

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Beach House for sale in Cozumel
Beach House for sale in Cozumel

Residence Tree House ~SOLD~

CEO Real Estate Cozumel - Island for SALE in Quintana Roo
CEO Real Estate Cozumel - Island for SALE in Quintana Roo


C.E.O Real Estate Cozumel now offers online video showings for you to visit our properties LIVE from the comfort of your home. We also offer online video consultations for assistance in how to purchase a home in Mexico. 

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HGTV Real Estate in Cozumel
HGTV Real Estate in Cozumel

Mandy Elorduy was selected by HGTV (USA) to represent the Island of Cozumel on behalf of CEO Real Estate to show condos, houses and land for sale.

We are very proud as a company of this recognition that Mandy Elorduy received.

Certified Realtors in Cozumel Mexico
Certified Realtors in Cozumel Mexico

Santiago Cachan actuó como único representante de AMPI Cozumel para dar la conferencia sobre la ISLA DE COZUMEL en el encuentro de agentes inmobiliarios.

Cancun Summit 2020

Desde CEO Real Estate Cozumel Estamos muy orgullosos de Santiago por este reconocimiento.

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Is Cozumel Safe?

Cozumel is a safe place to visit. The island relies almost 100% on tourism and has a long history of welcoming tourists and cruise ship visitors from all over the world.

Locals and business owners understand the value of tourism dollars, which is why keeping the island safe for visitors has always been a top priority and the crime level has remained low.

In addition, Cozumel's beautiful all inclusive resorts and cruise ships typically attract families and older individuals so it's not really known as a party destination, which means safety and security incidents are less common.

Crime Index for Cozumel

Numbeo is an online global database of perceived crime and safety rates in major cities and countries throughout the world.

One statistic that Numbeo uses to measure crime rates is "Crime Index", which is an estimation of overall level of crime in a given city or a country based on the following scale from 1-100:

  • Very Low: <20
  • Low: 20-40
  • Moderate: 40-60
  • High: 60-80
  • Very High: >80

The reported Crime Index for Cozumel is currently 34.17, which is considered a low level of crime. For comparison, Mexico City has a Crime Index of 69.14 and Chicago has a Crime Index of 65.98.

Compared to other large cities around the world, the Cozumel Mexico crime rate is low and is generally a safe destination for travelers.

Safety Index for Cozumel

In addition, another metric Numbeo uses is "Safety Index" which is basically the opposite of Crime Index. If a city has a high Safety Index, it is considered very safe.

Currently, Cozumel is reported to have a Safety Index of 65.83, which is considered a high level of safety. For comparison, Mexico City has a Safety Index of 30.86 and Chicago has a Safety Index of 34.02.


Invest in the most profitable properties on México: Cozumel Island

Because of its valuable qualities, such as its dreamy natural environment, as well as its constant international touristic flow; Cozumel Island has become one of the best places on the Caribbean to invest in. Especially in the real estate sector.

Why is it the time to invest in Cozumel Island?

International tourism

The Mayan Riviera, the Caribbean Sea and its various dreamy destinations make this area in ​​southeastern Mexico one of the most visited by tourists throughout the year, both national and international. In 2019 alone, Cozumel Island broke a record by receiving more than 9 million visitors during the year.

Being the largest island in the Caribbean Sea, it has the most attractive natural and commercial establishments. While maintaining an organic lifestyle and contact with nature; Cozumel Island is one of the most famous destinations for tourists. With each year the percentage of tourism on the island grows rapidly, as it is also one of the favorite destinations for international cruises.

Apart from its dreamy natural settings, the island is also home to some of the most acclaimed and attractive sports and eco-tourism activities, which also helps to attract a large flow of athletic tourists annually.

Support in dissemination by the government

Recognized as one of the places that generate the highest income in both, touristic activity and the real estate sector, Cozumel Island also has the best financial support and programs, both from private and public initiative.

Cozumel Island has approximately $60 million worth of investment, between the budget destined for the cultural diffusion of the tourist destination, as well as the improvement of public infrastructure and upgrade of tourist spaces.

In these efforts to meet the tourist demand, there's already an expansion of the pier planned to accommodate a higher number of cruises with visitors from all over the world. Likewise, resources have been allocated to promote sustainable tourism, based on the natural wealth and its preservation.

Real estate market stability

In Cozumel Island you will enjoy from a stable real estate market, with high possibilities of generating profits, as it is one of the most visited international tourist and commercial destinations in the Riviera Maya.

Thanks to these qualities, the temporary accommodation services market is one of the main economic sectors of the industry on this Caribbean island. From hotels, to houses and apartments; Cozumel Island has a great and wide offer for real estate properties in which you can invest in both pre-sale and sale. And which with investors will be able to generate income through rentals.

Classified as one of the most sought-after destinations, apartments on Cozumel Island have one of the highest rent fees in the Caribbean, amounting up to $60,000 MXN in monthly rent. This ensures your real estate investment a high profitability, income generation, and consequently, a stable long-term personal economy.

These are some reasons that will make your real estate acquisition in Cozumel Island a profitable investment with the potential to generate large income. What are you waiting to invest on Cozumel Island?

Cozumel beaches
Cozumel beaches

Cozumel is a beautiful island visited by thousands of tourists every year and it is no wonder. It has the largest cruise port in the world; but why is it so visited? 

To answer that question we give you 6 reasons to visit Cozumel and fall in love with this destination.

Cozumel dive with Reefs and Corals
Cozumel dive with Reefs and Corals

Its Amazing Reefs: 

Cozumel is considered the second largest reef in the world called Palancar, which emerges from Belize to Cozumel, it has a great variety of reefs and a great variety of marine life within the Turquoise Caribbean Sea. One of the best places to snorkel or dive is the Chankanaab reef. Chankanaab is a low reef with excellent visibility, which helps to carry out this activity with ease.

Ancient Maya culture in Cozumel
Ancient Maya culture in Cozumel

The Archaeological Zones :

Cozumel has Archaeological Zones dedicated to the Goddess Ixchel, Goddess of Life and Fertility, located in the Archaeological Zone of San Gervasio, also in the Chankanaab Park you can find interesting replicas of the Mayan vestiges and culture, places to visit to learn more about the interesting Mayan culture.

Amazing food in Cozumel
Amazing food in Cozumel

Its Gastronomy :

The typical food in Cozumel is exquisite, you could eat from an octopus ceviche, fish, shrimp, as well as a good Fried Fish, a delicious Cochinita, a delicious shrimp cocktail, all this and more variety enjoying in your hammock from the National Park from Cozumel, "Chankanaab". Chankanaab which its meaning is Small Lake in the Mayan language.

Fish and dive in Cozumel
Fish and dive in Cozumel

You like fishing?

Cozumel is an excellent place for this sport, in the wonderful Caribbean Sea of ​​Cozumel there is a great variety to catch different species, such as: Wahoo, Marlin, Dorado, Barracuda. And so sail on the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Ironman Cozumel Mexico
Ironman Cozumel Mexico

If you are a sports fan, don't miss Cozumel. Year after year the half Iron Man Cozumel and the Full Iron Man Cozumel are performed. Can you imagine riding your bike watching the Caribbean Sea? In addition to running, receiving the support and cheers of the warm Cozumeleños.

What we saw previously

Cozumel Island is internationally known as one of the most visited international destinations, where numerous touristic activities can be carried out. Being the largest and most attractive island in the Caribbean, Cozumel Island offers an amazing natural scenery, and large territorial extension, of which less than 10% is actually occupied by facilities and human activity

This leaves more than 90% of its natural landscapes untouched, to be enjoyed by tourists. In both simple recreational activities such as walks and hiking, as well as in more intense or extreme activities such as water-sports and many others ecotouristic activities.

Find out about the best places you can visit on Cozumel Island!

What places to visit in Isla Cozumel?

Isla Pasión

A paradisaical island away from the bustle of civilization and the crowds of the city, where you can enjoy a time of rest and natural tours through an ecosystem of 3 different natural landscapes: mangroves, forests and reefs. This is one of the few places near Cozumel Island where you can live an experience close to the shamanic cultures of southern Mexico, with dances, songs and ceremonies from pre-Hispanic times.

Palancar Reef

Cozumel Island is categorized as one of the best 5 places in the world to practice diving and snorkeling, therefore here you'll find several tours to the reef area and coasts. The Palancar reef is the most recognized and visited throughout the year, thanks to its variety of aquatic flora and fauna.

Chankanaab Park

This ecological national park in Cozumel is home to the most representative flora and fauna of the state of Quintana Roo. You can visit paradisiacal beaches to practice water activities such as snorkeling or scuba-diving, walk trails through the jungle where you'll find pre-Hispanic culture archaeological replicas and house gardens with more than 350 species of plants. The park also has many facilities for adventure travelling activities such as zip-lining, cycling, hiking and other activities.

Archaeology Site

Home to impressive monuments and historical vestiges of the Mayan civilization, Cozumel Island has the best preserved pre-Hispanic ruins to admire and visit. From houses and arches, to temples and an old observatory; the jungle, the coasts and other territorial extension are populated with more interesting and wonderful archeological history. Throughout the island you can find several tours to visit different parts of the archaeological zone.

Punta Sur Park

This is one of the most important ecological reserves in the area, with incredible paradisiacal landscapes that you can admire from the famous Celarain Lighthouse. It's a place of tranquility, peace and a totally relaxed natural environment where you can swim in crystal-clear and turquoise-water beaches, walk through the jungle, go bird watching or take a boat ride through Laguna Colombia.

This and much more you can find in Cozumel.

We help you find your dream house,home,condo or land.

Come and marvelous at Cozumel Island.


CEO Real Estate Cozumel.