Meet CEO REAL ESTATE COZUMEL, Mandy Elorduy  Santiago Cachan and the beautiful team. 

Mandy Elorduy is part English and part Mexican native to Cozumel Island lived abroad for a few years in Mexico City and Silicon Valley and Santiago Cachan is native to Argentina also lived in Brazil and has now become Mexican since 2016.

They are certified professional brokers associated with AMPI and started CEO REAL ESTATE in 2017.

Having discovered real estate internationally and having a deep understanding in business, financial advisory and economics, their passion and professionalism to help you find your home in Paradise makes them stand out by not just being Real Estate Experts, but also Quality Lifestyle advisors.

They were chosen to represent Cozumel for HGTV and represent Cozumel with AMPI in the Cancun Investment Summit.

They also share a passion for Yoga and have a deep spiritual practice which makes them blend business with Truth, honesty, clarity and abundance.

Come and meet the whole CEO FAMILY.

Meet CEO team TEAM

In CEO we care for long term relationships, not merely transactions.

Staff is great, team is better!
Staff is great, team is better!

Our philosophy

We believe your home is your Sanctuary. A place where the health in your life begins, the perfect home that resonates with your soul and make this world a better place. We are a group of people that love what we do and we are always looking forward to finding the exact balance between your perfect place and the perfect budget to meet your needs. In CEO Real Estate some of us are native to this Island and can give you all the best information about it. We also love making you feel welcome in Cozumel, so we are always trying to be helpful and informative in any assistance you may requiere.