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Cozumel Island is internationally known as one of the most visited international destinations, where numerous touristic activities can be carried out. Being the largest and most attractive island in the Caribbean, Cozumel Island offers an amazing natural scenery, and large territorial extension, of which less than 10% is actually occupied by facilities and human activity

This leaves more than 90% of its natural landscapes untouched, to be enjoyed by tourists. In both simple recreational activities such as walks and hiking, as well as in more intense or extreme activities such as water-sports and many others ecotouristic activities.

Find out about the best places you can visit on Cozumel Island!

What places to visit in Isla Cozumel?

Isla Pasión

A paradisaical island away from the bustle of civilization and the crowds of the city, where you can enjoy a time of rest and natural tours through an ecosystem of 3 different natural landscapes: mangroves, forests and reefs. This is one of the few places near Cozumel Island where you can live an experience close to the shamanic cultures of southern Mexico, with dances, songs and ceremonies from pre-Hispanic times.

Palancar Reef

Cozumel Island is categorized as one of the best 5 places in the world to practice diving and snorkeling, therefore here you'll find several tours to the reef area and coasts. The Palancar reef is the most recognized and visited throughout the year, thanks to its variety of aquatic flora and fauna.

Chankanaab Park

This ecological national park in Cozumel is home to the most representative flora and fauna of the state of Quintana Roo. You can visit paradisiacal beaches to practice water activities such as snorkeling or scuba-diving, walk trails through the jungle where you'll find pre-Hispanic culture archaeological replicas and  house gardens with more than 350 species of plants. The park also has many facilities for adventure travelling activities such as zip-lining, cycling, hiking and other activities.

Archaeology Site

Home to impressive monuments and historical vestiges of the Mayan civilization, Cozumel Island has the best preserved pre-Hispanic ruins to admire and visit. From houses and arches, to temples and an old observatory; the jungle, the coasts and other territorial extension are populated with more interesting and wonderful archeological history. Throughout the island you can find several tours to visit different parts of the archaeological zone.

Punta Sur Park

This is one of the most important ecological reserves in the area, with incredible paradisiacal landscapes that you can admire from the famous Celarain Lighthouse. It's a place of tranquility, peace and a totally relaxed natural environment where you can swim in crystal-clear and turquoise-water beaches, walk through the jungle, go bird watching or take a boat ride through Laguna Colombia.

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