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Is Cozumel Safe to live? Sure is!


Cozumel is a safe place to visit. The island relies almost 100% on tourism and has a long history of welcoming tourists and cruise ship visitors from all over the world.

Locals and business owners understand the value of tourism dollars, which is why keeping the island safe for visitors has always been a top priority and the crime level has remained low.

In addition, Cozumel's beautiful all inclusive resorts and cruise ships typically attract families and older individuals so it's not really known as a party destination, which means safety and security incidents are less common.

Crime Index for Cozumel

Numbeo is an online global database of perceived crime and safety rates in major cities and countries throughout the world.

One statistic that Numbeo uses to measure crime rates is "Crime Index", which is an estimation of overall level of crime in a given city or a country based on the following scale from 1-100:

  • Very Low: <20
  • Low: 20-40
  • Moderate: 40-60
  • High: 60-80
  • Very High: >80

The reported Crime Index for Cozumel is currently 34.17, which is considered a low level of crime. For comparison, Mexico City has a Crime Index of 69.14 and Chicago has a Crime Index of 65.98.

Compared to other large cities around the world, the Cozumel Mexico crime rate is low and is generally a safe destination for travelers.

Safety Index for Cozumel

In addition, another metric Numbeo uses is "Safety Index" which is basically the opposite of Crime Index. If a city has a high Safety Index, it is considered very safe.

Currently, Cozumel is reported to have a Safety Index of 65.83, which is considered a high level of safety. For comparison, Mexico City has a Safety Index of 30.86 and Chicago has a Safety Index of 34.02.