Real Estate investment in the Island of Cozumel


Invest in the most profitable properties on México: Cozumel Island

Because of its valuable qualities, such as its dreamy natural environment, as well as its constant international touristic flow; Cozumel Island has become one of the best places on the Caribbean to invest in. Especially in the real estate sector.

Why is it the time to invest in Cozumel Island?

International tourism

The Mayan Riviera, the Caribbean Sea and its various dreamy destinations make this area in southeastern Mexico one of the most visited by tourists throughout the year, both national and international. In 2019 alone, Cozumel Island broke a record by receiving more than 9 million visitors during the year.

Being the largest island in the Caribbean Sea, it has the most attractive natural and commercial establishments. While maintaining an organic lifestyle and contact with nature; Cozumel Island is one of the most famous destinations for tourists. With each year the percentage of tourism on the island grows rapidly, as it is also one of the favorite destinations for international cruises.

Apart from its dreamy natural settings, the island is also home to some of the most acclaimed and attractive sports and eco-tourism activities, which also helps to attract a large flow of athletic tourists annually.

Support in dissemination by the government

Recognized as one of the places that generate the highest income in both, touristic activity and the real estate sector, Cozumel Island also has the best financial support and programs, both from private and public initiative.

Cozumel Island has approximately $60 million worth of investment, between the budget destined for the cultural diffusion of the tourist destination, as well as the improvement of public infrastructure and upgrade of tourist spaces.

In these efforts to meet the tourist demand, there's already an expansion of the pier planned to accommodate a higher number of cruises with visitors from all over the world. Likewise, resources have been allocated to promote sustainable tourism, based on the natural wealth and its preservation.

Real estate market stability

In Cozumel Island you will enjoy from a stable real estate market, with high possibilities of generating profits, as it is one of the most visited international tourist and commercial destinations in the Riviera Maya.

Thanks to these qualities, the temporary accommodation services market is one of the main economic sectors of the industry on this Caribbean island. From hotels, to houses and apartments; Cozumel Island has a great and wide offer for real estate properties in which you can invest in both pre-sale and sale. And which with investors will be able to generate income through rentals.

Classified as one of the most sought-after destinations, apartments on Cozumel Island have one of the highest rent fees in the Caribbean, amounting up to $60,000 MXN in monthly rent. This ensures your real estate investment a high profitability, income generation, and consequently, a stable long-term personal economy.

These are some reasons that will make your real estate acquisition in Cozumel Island a profitable investment with the potential to generate large income. What are you waiting to invest on Cozumel Island?