CEO Real Estate Cozumel offers: 

This lands with 2,800 m2 of land in front of two of the most important marinas on the Island of Cozumel in the southern part of the island, where diving, snorkeling, fishing expeditions, visits to the Sky of Cozumel or many of its beaches and reefs. This is a popular Marina for divers and people who want to explore the Caribbean Sea of ​​the beautiful Island of Cozumel. 

In CEO Real Estate we think is a very interesting piece of land with potential for housing and/or commercial development due to its proximity and comfort to the marina, which is used by thousands of people daily for healthy and recreational activities. 

Still conserving the land the privacy of the house from day to day. 

LAND PRICE: $6,000 pesos per m2. 

The land has a residential and commercial land use, with a low density of 36 homes per hectare and up to 4 heights or 12 meters, 60% of the land surface can be used to build.